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Lyrics - Gotta Tell You


Feelin' Is Right

Boy, you gotta hear me out
There is something you should know by know
Iíve been watching you
There is something in your eyes
Tell me that you feel this too

Gotta let it go
Just let it show
Donít care íbout what our friends would say

I know you want me
But maybe youíre shy
Youíll never know if you donít even try
Itís now or never, you know it
All I need is a sign
Boy, you know the feeliní is right

So, here we are
Standiní face to face again
How will this end
Tell me what more can I do
I can only meet you half the way

Iíve tried everything
To make you see
Donít have to be afraid of me

I know you think about it
It ainít no use to fight it
Boy, let me show you what I mean
From the first day I saw you
My hearts been achiní for you
Now is the time for you to show me what you feel