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Lyrics - Gotta Tell You


Never Meant to Be

Cause my love for you
Will always last eternally
You are in my heart
I loved you from the start
Baby itís hard to believe
That you and I was
Never meant to be

I remember when
I still believed the things you said
Never would have thought
This would come to an end
How was I to know
That you had someone new
I recall the days
Loved you in a million ways
Suddenly Ė you and me
From friends to history
I realise Ė my trust ainít coming back no more

Does anybody know Ė this feeling of despair
When you really love someone
When you really care
Itís hard to walk away
When I really wanna stay with you
Does anybody know Ė it tears you up inside
When you try Ė to decide
Between whatís wrong and right
Know for sure
My trust ainít coming back no more